September 22, 2022

Renexia's new energiespass through electric mobility

New energies for the future also pass through electric mobility. With this in mind, Renexia adds a new chapter to its sustainability story with the first highway fast-charging station intended for electric cars.

The Toto Group company active in renewables, through its subsidiary Renexia Recharge, has set up the first parking and charging area, equipped with six stations at the Tiburtina Sud service area, a few kilometers from the center of Rome.

The six charging stations, distributed on three ultrafast type columns, allow very fast charging compared to most of those installed to date, up to 300 kW, and variable depending on the type of vehicle and battery capacity. Made in partnership with Be Charge, they are linked to a charging app that is functional, intuitive and full of useful information.

New energy, same goal as always: to accelerate towards an affordable, responsible and concrete energy transition. In line with European directives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, this debut in sustainable mobility has also been achieved thanks to Renexia’s long experience in various international sustainability projects.