Scientific Board

In order to promote green economy initiatives, Renexia has its own Scientific Board with advisory functions. The Board, in particular, has the task of supporting the company’s top management in various initiatives, including:

  • preparatory assessments for entering new business segments and developing new technologies;
  • scouting for renewable energy development projects;
  • control and guidance of companies in terms of best practice;
  • sponsorship of renewable energy scientific and training initiatives;
  • partnerships with institutions and operators in the green energy sector.

The Renexia Board, chaired by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, is currently composed of four experts who have distinguished themselves for their merits in their professional activities, in research and scientific dissemination. They come from the worlds of academia, business, institutions and organisations, both public and private, and will hold office for three years. This is the current composition:

  • Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio (President)
  • Elena Dell’Agnese
  • Luigi Nicolais
  • Francesco Piccinini