A company under US law, founded in 2011, US Wind acquired a maritime concession with the aim of developing offshore wind farms off the coast of Maryland.

Us Wind

Med Wind is a company set up to build and develop the first floating technology offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean. Located in the Sicilian Channel, about 80 km from the coast, the farm will include up to 190 floating turbines with an installed capacity of about 2,8 GW and an estimated annual production of almost 9 TWh. With such a volume of energy production, the project will be able to give a significant boost to the achievement of the PNIEC objectives, guaranteeing by itself a growth of almost 50% of the wind energy produced in Italy

Med Wind

Renexia Recharge is committed to the design and implementation of infrastructure and services that boost new sustainable mobility with the aim of contributing to an increasingly easy and widespread recharging of electrically powered vehicles, providing a fast, digital and sustainable charging experience.

A limited liability company, established in 2015, with the objective of building plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources. The Renexia Services team, made up of highly qualified resources, built an entire 27 MW wind farm in Piana Barone – Costa Pagliara – Circello (BN).

With the Sardinia Wind Offshore project, Renexia aims to produce energy from the winds off the southern coast of Sardinia, thanks to floating technology wind turbines.

ReNEXT Solutions è un contractor EPCIM per la realizzazione e la manutenzione di grandi impianti eolici offshore a tecnologia floating, soluzione ideale per la produzione di energia rinnovabile al largo delle coste italiane e nel bacino del Mediterraneo.

ReNEXT Solutions si pone come first mover per la creazione di una value chain nazionale per far fronte alle esigenze di progettazione, di produzione, di stoccaggio e di assemblaggio della componentistica, fino all’installazione, alla manutenzione e alla dismissione degli impianti offshore.