Beleolico is not only the first marine wind farm in the Mediterranean. It is also the result of a new business model based on respect for the environment and the social context in which it operates, to create real value for all.

This is a historic milestone, for Taranto and for Italy, achieved through the involvement and dialogue of environmental associations, local and national stakeholders, and the voices of the territory – but also through solid data collection and analysis, in partnership with leading international research centres, to protect the environment and identify the most sustainable and beneficial solutions.

The pillar of Beleolico is its team of experts, capable of working in synergy, devising and developing all kinds of projects in renewable energy: from the conception to the management of bureaucratic paperwork, right up to the final acceptance test of the plant.

The innovative and sustainable technical characteristics of beleolico




Installed power


Annual production


Annual requirement (people)


Tonnes of CO2 saved over 25 years


Of materials are recyclable

The wind from the sea: the advantages of wind power

Wind power at sea is an advantageous technology in the field of renewable energy production, because it exploits the wind from the sea, which has a greater force. In this way, Beleolico is able to generate more energy than a wind farm on land and represents a true alternative for the production of clean energy. The Taranto plant thus contributes to the ecological and energy transition that Italy has undertaken.

Clean energy for the revitalisation of Taranto

Beleolico is an environmentally but also socially sustainable plant: it fits into a context marked by the presence of heavy industry and has been designed to contribute to the revitalisation of Taranto, because it will be able to generate a new industrial supply chain thanks to the maintenance of its facilities, both on land and at sea, with the employment of local operators.

Renewable, but also socially inclusive

Renexia’s philosophy is to prioritise the needs of the area in which it is located. This means that environmental sustainability and heeding the most representative voices of the city context are the principles that have guided the development of this project. This is why Beleolico is also a different way of doing business, one that reverses the current industrial paradigm, bringing to the foreground the needs of the territories in which it operates and then adapting economic factors to them.


Beleolico’s components have been entrusted to major international players. However, the goal for the future is to create local growth opportunities for Italian companies in order to promote the development of the economic fabric, in a “local-content requirement” regime, contributing to the creation of a new labour supply chain in Taranto.