An offshore floating plant is far from the coast and therefore invisible to the eyes; it does not require the anchoring of the towers to the seabed; it allows the construction of very large wind farms capable of producing enough energy for Italy’s energy transition and independence.

The floating turbines can be seen as artificial reefs that provide an ideal place for fish restocking and the protection of marine biodiversity. They will actually become proper marine reserves.

There are many different anchoring systems, both synthetic and metal. Whatever the choice, it is possible to engineer the system to have minimised and near-zero impacts on marine fauna. Throughout the construction phase as well as during operations, sensors are installed to detect the level of possible noise disturbance to fish and bird life.

The turbines will be equipped with sensors to stop the rotating movement of the blades if approaching flocks are detected. This system is being installed at the only marine park currently installed in Italy, in Taranto. Colour guidelines will also be observed to ensure that they are clearly visible to approaching birds.

The average life span of a marine system is about 25 years.
The wind farm is mainly made of recoverable materials, such as steel, so that it is almost entirely recycled at the end of its life cycle. The anchors will now be part of the seabed due to their role in restoring the marine ecosystem

Renexia’s policy is one of inclusiveness and of listening to the territories and their needs. Among the categories with which we constantly encourage dialogue and constructive confrontation are the fishing-related sectors. Once the position has been agreed, so as to respect everyone’s needs, the space dedicated to the wind farm will be an effective fishing stop and will allow the reconstitution of the marine ecosystem, impoverished by years of illegal and highly damaging fishing methods.

There are many wind farms in the North Sea and off the coast of England, and in all the studies produced, even by independent monitoring bodies, no electromagnetic wave emissions from a wind farm are recorded.