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Technical characteristics

Beleolico represents an infrastructure with characteristics of innovation and sustainability:

  • 10 turbines
  • for a total capacity of 30 MW once in operation
  • capable of ensuring a production of over 58 thousand MWh
  • to cover the annual needs of 60 thousand people
  • over its lifetime, Beleolico will allow a saving of about 730 thousand tons of CO2.


The wind from the sea: the advantages of wind power

Wind at sea is a technology that brings advantages in the field of energy production from renewable sources, because it exploits the sea wind that has a greater force. In this way Beleolico is able to generate more energy than a wind farm on land.

Wind in the sea also offers great advantages for the environment:

  • it does not occupy physical land
  • it is a real alternative for the production of clean energy because it reduces Co2 production
  • it is a concrete contribution to the path of ecological and energy transition that Italy has undertaken.