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«First-mover» with renewable energy

Renexia, a company founded in Italy, has become a major international player specialising in the development, construction and management of innovative infrastructures to produce energy from renewable sources and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Renexia has a long experience in photovoltaic systems, is at the forefront of onshore and offshore wind power and is embracing the new opportunities of electric mobility.

Clean energy, for a new growth

Renexia’s strategy focuses on the most advanced environmental sustainability of its infrastructure. This is achieved through a continuous exchange with environmental associations and rigorous scientific environmental research, carried out in partnership with leading research institutions. Renexia has thus created a model that combines sustainability with new opportunities for economic and social development.


Renexia is a “first mover” in the energy transition through the concept, design, construction and operation of innovative onshore, near shore and offshore wind power plants, with successful experiences in Italy and the United States.



Renexia is a pioneer that has accumulated a long experience in the development of large-scale photovoltaic plants on different supports and locations, in Italy and Europe, using different photovoltaic modules.



With Renexia Recharge we also operate in sustainable mobility to install ultra-fast, state-of-the-art charging stations for electric cars in motorway service areas.


Beleolico, the first marine wind farm in Italy and the Mediterranean

April 21st, 2022 is a historic date for renewable energy. On this day, in Taranto, Renexia rolled out Beleolico, the first marine wind farm not only in Italy but in the entire Mediterranean Sea, with ten turbines for a total capacity of 30 MW, equal to the annual needs of 60 thousand people and a saving of about 730 thousand tonnes of CO2. Beleolico is a “green” project: after 25 years of operation, the plant can be totally dismantled and its materials, including steel, are recyclable.

The “Pivot” for innovation

Renexia was born with a strong vocation for innovation, in every aspect of the construction of energy infrastructures: from strategic vision to operational functions, from project conception to execution and plant management, taking care of every moment and every step. To do this, Renexia selects the best talents from among designers, experts and suppliers, in Italy and abroad, to set up and coordinate highly specialised work teams capable of bringing emblematic value to each project.


Wind farm, here is the first turbine

(Taranto). The positioning operations of the first turbine (in the photo) of Beleolico have started off the polisectorial pier. This was announced by Renexia, the Toto Group company active in Italy and the United States in renewable energies, which is building in Taranto the first offshore wind farm in Italy and in the entire Mediterranean. The plant will produce green energy for 60 thousand Mwh, equal to the annual needs of 60 thousand people. In environmental terms it means that, over the 25 years of its expected life, it will allow a saving of about 730 thousand tons of Co2.


Renexia: a floating wind farm in the sea of Sicily respecting the environment

Toto Group company presented the project to the Ministry of the Environment. It foresees 9 billion investment for a maxi floating wind farm in the Sicilian sea. The project, based on innovative floating technology, provides 190 turbines capable of supplying energy to 3.4 million households, for a turnover of 1 billion per year. A wind farm in the open sea, 60 km off the Sicilian coast, with turbines not fixed but anchored to the seabed, in order to protect the environment and generate a 2.9 Gigawatts power when fully operational. (…)


Word to the associates: Paolo Sammartino, C.O.O. of Renexia

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Renexia awarded for Beleolico, marine wind farm in Taranto

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