Company policies

RENEXIA S.p.A., aware of its role as an entrepreneurial entity of national and international importance and its contribution to the creation of well-being, progress and value for the community through the construction of renewable energy plants, intends to implement successful strategies for the improvement of quality performance, and ethical and social values. 

RENEXIA S.p.A., aware of the challenges and opportunities that the market poses and of the need to make choices in line with the principles of sustainable development, through its business sector, intends to contribute to the achievement of the goals set at the national and international level for the creation of clean and affordable energy. 

Top Management considers it essential to combine economic and social value in order to meet the expectations of all those who come into contact with it: customers, workers, shareholders, lenders, suppliers, institutions and local communities. 

To this end, the Management directs and controls the Management System, ensuring its effectiveness through the achievement of objectives, and efficiency through the optimal use of resources. 

This commitment is realised within and outside the group, clearly communicating the commitments made and motivating staff to take part in a continuous improvement.