June 26, 2023

Renexia back to sail with Goletta Verde

Renexia is back alongside Legambiente for the Goletta Verde campaign with a special focus on offshore wind, a real alternative to fossil fuel for clean energy production.

“Once again this year we are boarding Goletta Verde, increasingly aware that the health of the sea is a prerequisite for any concretely sustainable installation,” said Riccardo Toto, Renexia’s General Manager. “The data we have collected during the oceanographic campaigns for Renexia’s Med Wind floating offshore wind farm project, in the heart of the Mediterranean, offer a timely x-ray of the seabed of our sea, some of them never explored before with such advanced technical and scientific instrumentation, and will be made available to the scientific community to study the actions to be taken. With Legambiente we share a commitment to an energy transition that is respectful of the marine environment and the communities that have always benefited from this ecosystem”.

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