December 5, 2022

Renexia, Beleolico and Jonian Dolphin Conservation: togetherfor offshore wind power

In Taranto, Renexia has built, in just 12 months, Beleolico, the first marine wind farm in Italy and in the Mediterranean. At last, the city’s story is changing direction and pointing, today, to sustainability, innovation and local development, within a great protection for the environment. This is where the prestigious collaboration with Jonian Dolphin Conservation (JDC) was born to monitor the natural heritage of cetaceans in the Gulf of Taranto and promote educational activities to safeguard marine biodiversity.


Innovation and sustainability, for the environment and the territory: goal achieved. The blades of Beleolico, Italy’s and the Mediterranean’s first marine wind farm, have been producing clean energy in the Gulf of Taranto since the summer of 2022. 10 turbines positioned off the multi-sectoral pier, capable of meeting the energy needs of 60,000 people.

Renexia has always stated and demonstrated that it does not want to compromise when it comes to renewable energy, with plants that are always respectful of the territories and communities that host them, but above all they must be eco-compatible, at every stage, and backed by a rigorous scientific approach.

The permitting process for Beleolico was not the easiest, yet it was successfully completed, allowing Renexia Group to build the marine wind farm in just 12 months. The park will have a lifespan of 25 years, at the end of which it will be fully dismantled and recycled. During this time frame, Renexia intends to integrate into the area and participate in Taranto’s energy conversion efforts.


Not just energy: offshore wind power contributes to the enhancement of marine wildlife. It is in this context that the collaboration between Renexia and Jonian Dolphin Conservation, ( a private research organization founded in 2009 that to date represents a pole of excellence at the Italian and international level in terms of cetacean research and protection, the implementation of scientific projects and the enhancement of the territory through citizen science initiatives, was born.

In fact, it will be JDC’s experts, led by Carmelo Fanizza, who will carry out the post operam study to monitor the coexistence between cetaceans and the marine wind farm.


Finally, the JDC, as part of its many activities aimed at the world of youth and students, will carry out creative workshops and initiatives to continue the work of raising awareness on the issue of defending the natural heritage of the Taranto Sea.

The measurements were also set up with the help of the winner of a Renexia Scholarship for scientific research on cetaceans, particularly in relation to the construction of offshore wind farms. In fact, Dr. Serena Gatto, a graduate of the University of Padua, set up the monitoring tools during the construction phase. These monitors will also be used to check for possible impacts during the normal operation of the plant and will be submitted to the Scientific Committees of JDC, in collaboration with the University of Bari, and Renexia.

Good work Jonian! This will be an important and also exciting project, which Renexia is happy to undertake and will report step by step, hopefully soon with photographs of marine encounters!