June 22, 2023

Med Wind, Renexia signs agreement with Seas Geosciences for seabed analysis

Renexia has signed an agreement with Seas Geosciences, a U.S.-based company specializing in marine analysis, which will help acquire geotechnical and geological information about the seabed in the Strait of Sicily, the area where the Mediterranean’s first offshore floating wind farm, Med Wind, will be built.

In this way, the most appropriate mooring methodology for the wind turbines can be defined and designed, to ensure maximum attention to the surrounding ecosystem.



Innovative sampling methods with unique remotely operated systems will be used to investigate the seabed by cone-penetration methods up to 40 meters below the seafloor level, in water more than 900 meters deep. The work will provide geotechnical and geological information and data about geohazards at the project site.

Leading the sampling operation will be Seas Geosciences, a Sealaska Woocheen Group company owned by Southeast Alaska Natives that specializes in providing geotechnical, analytical and monitoring services with a focus on responsible development.



“We are proud to be able to collaborate with an international company like Sealaska, which shares with Renexia the values of environmental sustainability and care for the local community. Renexia, with Med Wind, has the potential to become a benchmark in Italy for the promotion of renewables and encourage the energy transition path needed for the country. Not only that, the project will create an important supply chain through which significant added value will be produced for the local economy.” said Riccardo Toto.

It is a confirmation of the “Renexia model” that considers environmental sustainability as an essential value underlying every Renexia project, through scientific research that allows decisions to be made always on the basis of objective and incontrovertible data.