Renexia, first-mover in the energy transition

Ingenuity for the energy of the future, today

Renexia expresses the value of creativity and human ingenuity applied to the design development and implementation of renewable energy plants.

Renexia works on projects that have value today and intend to leave their mark on future generations. Operating in the field of renewable energy for Renexia translates into concreteness in the present and foresight for the future.

Renexia combines strategic vision with operational capabilities, drawing on the talents of the best professionals from around the world to build and manage innovative and sustainable energy infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to ensure a balance between respect for the environment and the needs of the communities in which it operates.

The formula for new energy and maximum sustainability

Sustainability always

To develop facilities that tend towards a “zero” environmental impact, as compatible as possible with natural and social ecosystems, from the production methods to the materials used, to the recyclable nature of the structures.

Inclusion and consent

To involve and dialogue with environmental associations, local and national stakeholders, and the voices of the territory, and to design the plants with their immediate environmental compatibility and social sustainability in mind.

Scientific research

To continuously improve sustainability, approaches, methodologies and follow the cutting edge of innovation through continuous collaboration with universities and research centres.