Monte Eboli

It is the largest photovoltaic plant built in Public-Private partnerships in Italy and in Europe. The land, owned by the Municipality of Salerno, has a total area of 42 hectares and is divided into three lots, for a total nominal power of 24 MW.

Description: The photovoltaic plant is located on a 42 hectares plot of land divided into three lots, owned by the Municipality of Salerno. It has a total nominal capacity of 24 MW and produces approximately 33,000 MWh/year of electricity sold to Enel’s electricity grid.

Each of the lots has a total capacity of 8 MW and consists of 8 cabins, which are in turn divided into combiner boxes. The combiner boxes contain an average of 24 strings. The single structures are composed of 21 modules, each with dimensions of 1.64 X 1.997, set in series along the short side in three rows of seven, for a total of 102,816 modules.

The technical characteristics of the modules and the inverters are as follows:

  • Model of photovoltaic module: LDK_230P-20_230W diodes;


  • Inverter: 350kW – Kakopowador XP350HV- TL, 450-830 V.

The Eboli Park is the largest in Italy for installed power. It is the largest public-private partnerships project carried out in this sector in Italy and in Europe.

Place: Monte di Eboli – Municipality of Eboli ( SA )

MWh: 33,000 Year