Interporto D’Abruzzo

  • Location: Staccioli locality – SS5 Tiburtina Valeria Manoppello (PE)
  • Total output: 4.400 MWh/year

Authorised in 2012, with its 3.5 MW, divided into two sections, it is Interporto’s largest rooftop photovoltaic plant in Abruzzo and one of the largest in Italy. The plant is located on solar slabs of some of the industrial warehouses of the Interporto located in Staccioli – SS5 Tiburtina Valeria Manoppello (PE).

Description: The installed capacity is 3.5 MW and is divided into two sections:
For the 2.5 MW section A, the construction phase started in October 2012 and was completed in December 2012. The plant produces about 3.100 MWh/year.
For section B, 1.0 MW, the construction phase took place in February 2013 and the plant produces about 1.250 MWh/year.