Taranto Offshore

Beleolico is a project company, entirely owned by Renexia, which holds the rights, permits, authorizations and clearance for the construction and management of a wind farm near the main pier in the Port of Taranto (Puglia Region) and will be the first offshore wind farm built in the Mediterranean Sea.

On August 20th, 2016 Beleolico obtained a feed in tariff of € 161.7 / MWh. The plant is entitled to an additional € 40.0 / MWh due to the fact that built the electrical connection on its own. Therefore the total tariff is € 201.7 / MWh. Both components will be paid by the Italian network operator (GSE).


Description: the plant consists of 10 Senvion turbines with a total capacity of 30 MW and a consequent production of 58,200 MWh, equal to the needs of 21,000 households.

The construction start date is scheduled for 2019 including the entire construction process, from the notice to the suppliers up to the estimated 12-month survey.

The EPC contractor is Renexia Services, a subsidiary of the Toto Group.

Location: Porto di Taranto, Puglia.

MWh: 58.200