Beleolico: in Taranto the first marine wind farm of the Mediterranean Sea

The future is ahead of us!

Technical characteristics

Beleolico represents an infrastructure with characteristics of innovation and sustainability:

  • 10 turbines
  • for a total capacity of 30 MW once in operation
  • capable of ensuring a production of over 58 thousand MWh
  • to cover the annual needs of 60 thousand people
  • over its lifetime, Beleolico will allow a saving of about 730 thousand tons of CO2.

The wind from the sea: the advantages of wind power

Wind at sea is a technology that brings advantages in the field of energy production from renewable sources, because it exploits the sea wind that has a greater force. In this way Beleolico is able to generate more energy than a wind farm on land.

Wind in the sea also offers great advantages for the environment:

  • it does not occupy physical land
  • it is a real alternative for the production of clean energy because it reduces Co2 production
  • it is a concrete contribution to the path of ecological and energy transition that Italy has undertaken.

Clean energy for the revitalization of Taranto

Beleolico is an environmentally sustainable but also socially sustainable plant: it fits into a context marked by the presence of heavy industry and it has been designed to contribute to the revitalization of Taranto, because it will be able to generate a new industrial chain thanks to the maintenance activities of its structures, both on land and at sea, with the use of local operators.

Renewable, but also socially inclusive

Beleolico’s philosophy is to give priority to the needs of the territory in which it is located. This means that environmental sustainability and listening to the most representative voices of the city context are the principles that have guided the development of this project. This is why Beleolico is also a different way of doing business, which reverses the current industrial paradigm, bringing to the forefront the needs of the territories in which it operates and adapting economic factors to them.

A new supply chain for offshore wind energy

The components of Beleolico have been entrusted to important international players. However, the goal for the future is to create local growth opportunities, for Italian companies, in order to promote the development of the economic fabric, in a regime of “local-content requirement”, helping to create a new manufacturing in Taranto

Beleolico is not only the first offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean. It is also the result of a new business model based on respect for the environment and the social context in which it operates, to create a real value for all.

How the Beleolico Wind Farm was born

With the involvement and dialogue of environmental associations, local and national stakeholders, and local voices.

With a robust data collection and analysis activity, in partnership with leading international research centers, to protect the environment and identify the most sustainable and beneficial solutions.

The heart of Beleolico lies in its team of experts, capable of operating in synergy, conceiving and developing every kind of project in the field of renewable energies: from the conception to the management of bureaucratic procedures, up to the final testing of the plant.

Beleolico is a work of Renexia SpA, the pioneer of offshore wind energy

Energy, sustainability and inclusiveness: these are the three keywords of Renexia, the company that conceived and is building Beleolico. Renexia is specialized in the development, design, construction and management of large innovative infrastructures for renewable energies, such as wind and solar power plants. Renexia is also involved in the design of Med Wind, which will become the largest offshore wind farm in the heart of the Mediterranean. Renexia combines strategic vision with operational functions, in a comprehensive formula: conceiving projects and bringing together the most influential talents to then build and operate unique, innovative energy infrastructures that are crucial to making the energy transition. Established in 2011, Renexia is part of the TOTO Group and is active in strategic renewable energy sectors, such as:

Wind power plants

Electric mobility

Mobilità elettrica

The energy of nature, the talent of man: the future is here