Parco eolico El Huwariyah

Potentially the first and largest wind farm built in Tunisia by a private individual. Following a call for tenders issued on 15/11/2017 by the Tunisian Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energy; Medwind Sarl, a subsidiary of Renexia S.p.A., could be awarded permission to build a 30 MW wind farm in the El Huwariyah area, north of Tunisia.

Description: Medwind, founded in 2010, has developed two projects for the construction of two wind farms to be built in Cape Bon, with a capacity of 30 MW each. In November 2017, the plants will be authorised and construction will be carried out. During the implementation phase, a significant involvement of local labour is foreseen, which will contribute to local economic development. The electricity produced by the plant will be distributed through the national STEG electricity grid.

Location: Cape Bon – Tunisia

MWh: 219,000 per year