Ponte Albanito Wind Park

In October 2012, Renexia S.p.A. obtained the authorization to build and operate the 22.8 MW wind power plant and carry out the related national grid connection works.

Circello Wind Park

The wind farm in Circello, located in Piana Barone, Costa Pagliara, Circello (BN), was authorized in 2012 by Executive Decree of the Campania Region.

Maryland Offshore Wind Project

The project will leverage US Wind’s extensive international experience to create a sustainable local footprint in the Maryland economy

Taranto Offshore

The plant consists of 10 turbines with a total capacity of 30 MW and a consequent production of 58,200 MWh, equal to the needs of 21,000 households.

El Huwariyah Wind farm

Medwind, founded in 2010, has developed two projects for the construction of two wind farms to be built in Cape Bon, with a capacity of 30 MW each